Aaron Eisendrath is a career entrepreneur and CEO of Boston-based Human Companies, Inc., the holding company of the "Human" online brand (e.g. HumanBookkeeping.com).

Human Companies is a family-owned and operated business with an A-rating with the Better Business Bureau and in good standing with a number of professional organizations. The company concentrates on support for small businesses and non-profits (its largest market segment).

Aaron started the company after working with a number of organizations, both for-profit and non-profit, and saw the struggle for low-cost, high-quality support, particularly in the areas of bookkeeping and marketing.
For example, the HumanBookkeeping.com service collects paperwork by coded, postage-paid envelope in a time-efficient, easy-to-use method for busy professionals. The contents are scanned, securely stored, put through optical character recognition, human verified, and processed in a virtually paperfree environment. The method also cuts costs and increases accuracy.

Aaron’s professional emphasis and work with other small business and social entrepreneurs stems from his own professional life.

Aaron started early as an entrepreneur. By the time he was 14, Aaron had moved from sales to local customers to importing goods for other merchants, in this case jewelry and artisan artifacts from South America. While the dollar amounts were small, these and other early experiences had much to teach in making even simple operations a success. After several years of entrepreneurial activity (and graduating on scholarship from The Field School, a prestigious prep school in his native Washington, D. C.), Aaron returned to South America in the early 1990s to found a Buenos Aires-based telecom and Internet company.

The communications business, FNI, started by offering a highly successful international fax service that bypassed the local foreign telecom monopolies. The service, starting in Buenos Aires, collected overseas fax traffic, compressed it into data, and retransmitted the fax traffic from the
U. S. to their final destinations – often at a 70% reduction. By the mid-1990s, the business had expanded into the largest provider of its kind in its local niche Argentine market with over 70 employees and presence in several other Latin American cities including Sao Paulo and Mexico City. The company was first sold to a U. S. messaging company. In 1998, however, Aaron bought his old Argentine operations back in a leveraged buy-out under UI, a Denver-based holding company. The company was later sold again and the operation later became the Latin American emphasis of a NASDAQ portfolio of telecom interests.

After the sale of UI, Aaron took several years to pursue other interests ranging from travel to finishing his undergraduate education. He graduated with honors with a BS in Liberal Studies from Excelsior, after a year of coursework at Harvard in Boston.

After completion of his degree, Aaron started Human Companies.

Aaron is married to Arpoo Eisendrath.

Aaron can be reached at Aaron@HumanCompanies.com.